Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bob the Builder

I'm living in chaos.

The contents of our garage threw up inside our house.

We have 3 stollers, a big girl bike, a scooter, keyboard with stand and countless boxes (not to mention today's 3 loads of laundry, the kids' toys & books, etc) smack in the middle of our family room. And if you've ever seen our family room, you'd know it's approximately 3 square feet.

The future nursery is loaded floor to ceiling with the additional items and every toy we own. Doesn't make for quality play time.

ON THE FLIP SIDE, the renovation in the garage is speedy. It's been only 3 days of banging, drilling, more banging and more drilling and it has completely taken on a new look. No longer a garage, but an extended kitchen with 2 noticeable rooms already in view. The heating and air has already been hooked up and by tomorrow we'll have all of the lighting done. It's set to be a 3 week job and after 3 days, I'm feeling that to be an actual reality.

Chaos can be overcome as long as there is light at the end of the tunnel. And it looks to be!

Buster has paced the house with his hard hat on and his tool belt chock full-o-tools. He's on standby the minute he's needed. Our contractor, knowing his enthusiasm, knocked on the door yesterday and said "I think your boy might like what's driving up." So we got shoes and tool gear and headed outside to watch a real dump truck unload a huge dumpster in our driveway.

One would have thought the President himself had arrived.

Buster Boy, in his best Rain Man impersonation, said over and over, "Dump Truck. Looouuuuudddd." and continued to be entertained for a good half hour.

So though we're living in cramped, chaotic quarters, the experience is kinda fun. I can see how people continue to do renovation after renovation on their house. It gets in your blood and everyday that you see more progress it's like a boost of adrenaline.

Though I think I can quell that enthusiasm for any future projects.

Pics of the completed renovation will be along shortly.


Kara said...

Can't wait to see the progress ... and the finished product!!
Just say the word if we need to move Thursday night dinner to Darien. No postponing allowed, though.

Amber said...

Oh, goodness. A little boys dream--real life tools and dump trucks! Can't wait to see the pics!!

color me happy said...

Congrats! It is fun to have newness happening and you have it all around...inside and out! :)