Thursday, January 15, 2009

When Daddy is away for 2 days...

...things may tend to get a smidge out-o-control. But just a smidge.

UFC National Title Elimination Round:
Bunk Bed - 1, Red Head - 0
Change of scenery:
Things get a little monotonous so playtime moved to the dryer. And no, I didn't turn it on. Not even on the "delicates" cycle.

2 days in a house full-o-women. Again, no, my preggers self does not prance around in these liability issues. They are thanks to Imelda Marcos...who, locally, goes by the code name, Kara.


Kara, aka Imelda Marcos said...

Again, can I just say that I dig your kids? They just make me happy! And Buster is stylin and profilin in those boots - love 'em!

laurakirkland said...

HAAA! I could never swing those shoes in a million years. Love the Superman T. Henry has the Batman and Spiderman version. Those shirts are the softest.