Monday, February 23, 2009

The Real Housewives of Glynn County

I think there's good reason why wolves have always been my favorite animal (despite the fact that they are very dog-like and I'm not a dog person AT ALL...weird).

They run in packs.

I, too, am a pack person. Always have been.

And my packs have always had names.

In elementary school, it was "The 3 Musketeers": Emily, Megan, and myself. We dressed alike - even down to the shoes. We liked the same music (New Kids on the Block!!). We slumber partied together most weekends and were, as much as elementary girls can be, best buds.

In high school, it was "The Posse": Lauren, Karen, Erin, Kelly, and myself. We were all athletic (though in different sports) which was the major pull behind us getting together. We spent every available Friday and Saturday night together. We even all worked at the same restaurant so we could all be together. I think we even shared some boyfriends across the lines. All but 2 of us went to different colleges, which led to....

At UGA, it became "The Fearsome Foursome": Karen (a Posse member), Alicia, Lisa, and myself. We started out as dorm neighbors and never left each other's side, living together until we (they) graduated (some of us were a little late in that arena). We not only shared apartments, but everything else: our lives, our secrets, our clothes, and even our boys! A true sisterhood that still lives on. We even started a journal that travels among the 4 of us to this day.

Now, even as an adult, I'm still running in a pack. We don't all like New Kids On The Block. We're not all athletic. We don't live in the same apartment. And we definitely don't share the boys! But one thing, among many, that we do share is that we're all married. We are all striving to be godly wives to our husbands.

There's a sisterhood code here too. It's called "We pull through for each other when needed." Simple as that. Usually we concoct these plans at our monthly girl's nights. I happened to miss the last one because I was out of town. The result?

A suprise shower given for my soon-to-arrive twin babies. Those sneaky little devils!

Since I'm running in this crazy pack of wolves (ok, more like tiger cubs...or kittens...or hamsters...), I decided the pack needed a name.


Whitney, Kelly, Rebecca, Kara, and Rachael...thank you. I'm honored to be running in your pack.


Kara said...

Love it, love it! This was one of my all time favorite posts (and not cause it's about us gals - just cause it is that good). The wolf analogy made me laugh, and of course, I said "wuff" in my head instead of "wolf." Cause that's just how I roll. But you already know that.

I love me my RHoGC girls; nothing like them on earth. Y'all are the best and I am so blessed to be a part of our wonderful group!

Whitney said...

Is it just me or are we all kinda looking alike in that picture? I mean except that suzanne is the only one pregnant!

I love the post girl! Super sweet!

Karen said...

My dear... the journal has been written in and has been sitting on the counter for weeks! You just gave me the gentle reminder to send, so expect it shortly.

I love running in your pack... especially when you wear the purple swishy pants or the yellow sweater vest. Love you!

justin strickland said...

I am sad that you didn't mention "The Disunifiers" from camp. Do you still have your Willie's Weenie Wagon t-shirt and flip flops?

Suzanne said...

How could I forget The Disunifiers???? My bad. That was truly a life-changing "pack". ;) And yes, I still sport the Willie's tshirt though the flops are long gone.

Kelly said...

And I thought being in the Coastal Illustrated was big time. But being featured in your blog - and with a picture - is something to write home about!

Love the post! I am honored to be a RHoGC -- what a true gift from God.

Rachael Lee said...

Love it!

Amy said...

Y'all are a cute group! When does your reality show air?