Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I think we've upped the value of our home by adding this additional room in the backyard.
Mrs. Debbie comes over every week to do art projects with the kiddos. This week, since we have no useable kitchen (aka project headquarters), she decided to bring some "room" with her and threw a tent up in the backyard.
The perfect idea!!
I wonder if we can consider our house a 4 bedroom now since I'm planning on moving out there. And once I move out there, I won't be moving back in because I won't be able to get my elephant-sized self off the floor of that tent.
No worries. The kiddos can fend for themselves.
And speaking of no useable kitchen, we moved the kids' little craft table smack in the middle of our family room and that's where the family is eating our meals.
Do you hear the violin playing? Do you feel sorry for us yet???
Well DON'T because this home renovation will be done within days and I'm going to be one happier pregger (because maybe or maybe not there could have been some moodiness on a daily basis living in this state of affairs...that's just a maybe though).
Can't post the before/after shots until it's completely those will come after this weekend. Yippee!!

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