Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love me some babies

The Duo is now 5 months old and have reached my favorite stage...thus far. They laugh with mouths wide open all the time, roll over, play with their feet, and smile when they wake up from THEIR 12 HOURS OF SLEEP AT NIGHT! Oh yes, that is why this is my favorite stage!!

These pictures were taken by my friend Amanda Holt of Oliver Twist Photography. I could not believe how easy the photo session went and how wonderfully she was able to capture their cuteness. Because let me tell you, getting 2 babies photographed with multiple outfit changes is a challenge. Especially keeping the spit-up and poo off the outfits. But we managed and now I have the picture memories forever.


The Harwells said...

Those are some cute babies!

Sally said...

They are soooo cute! They really favor their bro & sis a lot! Can't wait to meet them in person!