Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu 09/21/09 week

Sorry about missing last hard drive crashed and I was out of a computer for a while. Thankfully everything was recovered (2 YEARS worth of pictures I had not developed!!) and we're back in the ballgame. So stop right now and back up everything on your computer. You'll thank me later. ;)

On to this week's menu...
A little different than typical because I have lots of different meats, veggies and fruits to choose from. My "shipment" came in from ordering food through Angel Food Ministries - an awesome non-profit that discounts great food to more wholesale prices. So I've got different types of food to work with which will be a challenge. But a cheaper challenge so I'm all over it!

MONDAY - Fish (either Salmon or Tilapia - whichever is on sale), cous cous, green beans

TUESDAY - Tacos in Pasta Shells, cajun black beans, chips & guacamole

WEDNESDAY - BBQ Chicken Packets (chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob all foiled up and baked in individual packets for each family member), dinner rolls

THURSDAY - Easy Pork Chops, apple sweet potato bake, steamed broccoli

FRIDAY - Burgers, potato fries, Brunswick stew (we'll go ahead and grill the turkey dogs for tomorrow night and just reheat so we only have to grill once)

SATURDAY - Grilled turkey sausage dogs, butternut squash, pear walnut squares

SUNDAY - Breakfast Burritos, hashbrowns

If you've got a menu to share, post it in my comments sections or post a link to your blog if it's on there. Happy eating!

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Kara said...

What are you doing with the butternut squash? I love it, but only have that one pasta/sausage recipe for it. I'm definitely making it when October rolls around - it's so yummy for fall!

No menu for us this week ... I'm making the Mexican chicken penne pasta tonight, and we'll probably eat leftovers till we leave for Illinois (whenever that will be ...).

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Angel Food food.

Cyle Lewis said...

Here is my menu... I want a thorough review of Angel Food. I have almost done it several times.
Here goes...

Monday,September 21
Vegetable soup in crock pot
uesday, September 22
Salmon with dill sauce
Steamed Asparagus
Sweet potato casserole
Wednesday, September 23
Thursday, September 24
Tuna Melts on Ezekial Bread
Steamed Edamame
Friday, September 25
Sautéed Squash and Zuchini
Saturday,September 16
Fish fillets gingered lime sauce
Asparagus was on sale and I bought two bunches!