Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu 09/28/09 week

Welcome to what we like to call The "It's the end of the month and we're going to eat out of the pantry and freezer to avoid buying anymore food with the money that somehow got used up at the first of the month buying fancy cheeses, organic nonsense and namebrand juices" week.

MONDAY - Chicken Fried Rice

TUESDAY - Steak Wraps, potato fries

WEDNESDAY - Spaghetti, bread

THURSDAY - Potato Soup, Grilled cheese sandwiches

FRIDAY - Turkey Burgers, corn on the cob

SATURDAY - Chicken Pot Pie

SUNDAY - Whatever breakfasty items we can find that haven't turned green or smell too funky

If you want to share your menu so we can swip swap ideas, just leave it in my comments section or post a link to your blog if that's easier. Happy eating!

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cylelewis said...

Girl, same scenario over here in lewis Land. end of month- no new recipes. Nonetheless I was not regularly making menus when you started this so the discipline has rocked! I print it out and post in kitchen- Shannon really appreciates it!

Monday,September 28
Tilapia and lime ginger sauce
Cilantro and tomato salad

Tuesday, September 29
Grilled chicken
Greens in the crock pot

Wednesday, September 30

Thursday, October 1
Frozen pizza

Friday, October 2
Tuna melts on ezekial bread
Steamed edamame

Saturday, October 3
Grilled pork tenderloin
Lima beans

Cylelewis said...

Ok, here is the link to my blog.... I am trying to get all this straight. I may start posting the menu on my blog

Kelly said...

My weeks go from Friday- Friday, so we've already begun our menu.

Friday- soup and sandwiches
Saturday- frozen pizza
Sunday- Chicken sandwiches (made from frozen, breaded chicken patties), potato salad, black eyed peas
Monday- Chicken Parmesan (top same frozen chicken patties with spag sauce and cheese) with pasta, french bread, peas
Tuesday- beef stew ( and homemade french bread
Wednesday- leftover beef stew
Thursday- Five Guys night!

Alicia said...

We have Turkey burgers quite often. They are really good if you mix a pack of Ranch dressing or that veggie dip mix in with them...makes em so juicy!!!