Monday, April 19, 2010

An Amazing First Year!

My Sweet Tiny Miss…

I will probably say this every year of your whole life, but I really cannot believe how old you are! Your birth will always be one of the best memories of my life. To watch TWO babies be delivered out of my tummy was truly miraculous! You are a gift to our family.

You have such a charismatic personality and when you enter the room, your siblings flock to you. You are so petite that your Daddy and I always want to hold you. I guess we feel we need to protect you more because you’re just a tiny little thing in our family.

Sometime this year we got into a bedtime routine and I became the one to rock you and put you to bed each night. Because your twin bro demanded a lot of attention, you always seemed to be very independent and self-soothing your first six months. And I started missing you (though we spent 24/7 together). Now we’re making up for it by rocking, talking about Roscoe the pup, saying prayers, and singing songs in the few minutes of alone time we have each night. I relish those times each night.

You smile with your eyes and not a day goes by that your Daddy doesn’t get caught by your smile and say, “You are so beautiful baby girl.” I am so thankful you have 2 brothers to watch out for your pretty self!

I am so excited to watch you grow up but I’m mostly excited about today. And then tomorrow. And then the day after that. Because each day with you is a blast and I’m thankful and HONORED to be your Mommy.

Happy 1st birthday. I love you sweet girl.


My Wild at Heart boy…

I am laughing as I’m writing this letter and thinking back over the past 12 months. I thought I had this parenting thing down until you came along. Wow. WOW!

You had your own agenda from day one and you let us know it! You cried for 6 months straight and we walked you all over our house about 100 times over each night. It was so hard to see you hurt from the reflux, but Dr.AJ promised us you would outgrow that part of it…eventually. Now, a year later, it’s down to about 2 nights a week and continues to improve. There is hope that your little system will get all its kinks worked out…eventually!

I called you Benjamin Button when you were just a wee little 5 pounder because you looked like a little old man in a tiny baby’s body. Quickly, QUICKLY, you filled out, surpassed your twin sister and have turned into one handsome big boy! (Benjamin Button did grow up to be Brad Pitt!!)

Strangers, friends, neighbors and family always comment on your beautiful eyes. They are icy blue and I get to look into them every day. What a treat! You are my beautiful boy and as much as you’ve fought me this year, I’ve fought harder for you. I love that you are teaching me how to be a better parent.

As the baby of the family, you will always be my special boy. You make me proud to be your Mommy. Every day you grow and change and as much as I want to watch you grow, I want to keep my little runaway bunny in my arms forever.

Happy 1st birthday. I love you baby boy.


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Katarina said...

What a beautiful letter to the twins! I had tears in my eyes reading them both.. Great idea from a great Mom! : )