Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A smidge overdue...

Pics from the babies' first birthday party EVER! We had such a good time grilling out, hanging with friends and family, chasing toddlers and watching two of the cutest babies you ever did see smush wild amounts of chocolate cake in their faces.

Tiny Miss quickly realized she had an audience and started performing. Throwing cake. Smushing it into her hair. Laughing hysterically. Precious.

Wild Man was surprisingly slow and steady. We were a bit concerned about his sugar intake because lawsy knows that boy is streaming on a caffiene high (without the caffeine!) 24 hours a day. He saved his loopy-ness until we got home and then went bonkers. In true Wild Man style. Loved it.

Hmmmm, what's this big slice of sugar-infested goodness in front of me???

Let me just take a teensy weensie bite...

Yes, and I'll have another!

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Danielle said...

precious! how funny!!!