Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter festivities

Oh what a fun day we had! Easter has become one of my favorite holidays of the year (but you just can't beat Christmas...that's just good stuff). We had an incredible turnout at church - I believe there were over 500 people in the 9:00 service alone!

We began the morning checking out goodies in the easter baskets and then our traditional early egg hunt in pj's. The babies were still snoozing so we figured they would enjoy next year's egg hunt better anyway!

After church we headed to the Herndon's who take in a lot of us peeps without family in town. I just love our Easter family! And the kid population - my goodness - it has exploded!

The Easter Bunny made a grand appearance to many tear-stricken faces. Buster Boy has been talking a big talk about how this was going to be the year of the high five for Mr.Bunny. Though when he saw the ears over the fence, he flipped a lid and screamed in terror. Eventually he got near him, though hesitantly, and when it was time for the Bunny to leave, Buster boohooed. He wanted him to stay. He has already declared next year to be the year of the hug for Mr.Bunny. We shall see.

The babies had a blast! They ate real big people easter food. They got carried around by multiple people. They got lots of camera-flashing attention and they concluded the day with a 2 1/2 hour nap (and so did we!).

And here are some snapshots just for cuteness sake.


Whitney & David said...

Is Lily Kate giving my boy a smooch? :) We asked Eli about it and he is totally denying the action!

laurakirkland said...

Dang yo, those are some very beautiful kiddos and some very cute outfits!!
I LOVE those new babies..
Your life is like mine plus one more baby!