Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drug free. The way to be.

On the car ride home from school...

"So tell me something funny and something special that happened at school today."

"Ok, the funny was soooooo funny! My teacher said we were skipping PE today!" (insert obnoxious cackling for 5 year old and confused look on her madre)

"Hmmmm. Yes, that is absolutely hilarious.[?] How about something special?"

"YES! Very special. We learned about something."

"Oh really? What did you learn about that was so special?"


[insert obnoxious cackling for madre and confused look on the 5 year old]

"Drugs? Really? What exactly did you learn about drugs?"

"A LOT! First of all, drugs are like germs. You can't see them but they're really bad for you. Also [now looking at her brother in her teacherly kind of way], some bad people will try to sneak drugs into your Halloween candy."

"Wow. You sure learned about some important things in kindergarten today."

"I know. And Mommy? Just make sure you check my candy when we're done trick-or-treating to make sure nobody took a bite out of any candy they gave me. Cuz some people do that. They take a bite out and wrap it back up and put it in your pumpkin. That means there's drugs in it."

"Will do, Sister. Will do."

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