Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spider Boys and Bat Girls

Too much fun at the annual Halloween Bash. We ransacked the neighborhood and took all the candy. Then ended the evening with much expected meltdowns so we knew it was a good night.

We managed to get most kiddos in this shot, though I know there were at least 3 more who were a little nervous about getting near some of those costumes and opted to sit out. I don't blame them. Brides. Scuba boys. Super E's. Penguins. Sharks. Spiders. Pumpkins. It was a rough crowd. So scary I could hardly stand it.

Not to mention those Spider Boys and Bat Girls. Eeeeeek!

.....and we're done. Let's get to trick-or-treating!

Tiny Miss enjoyed a yummy supper and then pranced her prissy self around the neighborhood. She didn't care a lick about going to the houses. She just felt all big girlish walking on the street as far as she wanted.
Wild Man had his fair share of cupcakes, plus an additional share, and then another. Hey, keep him happy. Our mantra.

Halloween turned luxury this year with a 3 year old behind the wheel driving himself to each house in the 'hood. Times have changed since I came along. Walking uphill, in the snow, both ways, to 72 houses, 47 miles apart. Buster's got it easy.

And who are these 3 teenagers? Weren't they just born? It's my Bat Girl and her buds Kendall and Eli.

Time to pull out all the Snickers and set aside for Mommy's "Stressful Day" stash!

Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whopping success. Love my bat girls and spider boys. I think tomorrow is going to be hard having them come off their "sugar high." Good luck.

Kara said...

Love all the pics! Your big kids did such a great job hanging on to my little penguin - many thanks to them! And that last picture - oh my word!! How did they turn 16 already?? Seriously, though, how awesome would it be to get an exact replica of that photo 10 years from now??

Whitney said...

definitely kara...we will so be recreating that one in ten years. they don't have a choice. they already look so grown up, especially next to your little penguin.