Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A farmin' we did go.

My favorite field trip of the year finally came around this weekend. I don't know why I love it so much, but it's just so fun and full of kid-ness and so fallish which we don't really have much of down here. It was blazing hot, as usual, but that didn't stop our sweaty selves from enjoying Poppell Farms, complete with a petting zoo, cow train, inflatables, hay ride, "picking" pumpkins, picnic and games.

My babies are getting so big!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch singing about 17 verses of "Old MacDonald had a Farm".

His sister started this organization of pumpkins and Wild Man was immediately drawn to the straight lines. He loves order. He is officially my offspring.

Tiny Miss picked up every single pumpkin in the patch. They were all mini like her and I believe it made her feel like a big girl for once.

The cow train. And heck yes, that's me and the Husb riding in there too. We ain't skeered to push children out of line to get our cow of choice.

We planned on taking everyone through the corn maze at the end but by the time the heat index settled in at about 95 degrees, we figured we could find other, more air conditioned, ways of torturing our children. So we headed home and 4 kiddos slept soundly the entire hour+ drive home. A much better alternative.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for my "punkin" pictures. I've been waiting. Precious Punkins they are, too....Memes