Friday, March 25, 2011

It was a good day.

We have had a rough week.  We Akins folk know how to get sick.  We know how to sufficiently rid ourselves of all immune systems.  We are full-throttle, petal to the metal, take it to the next level with germ infestation kind of people.

And then there was this little redhead who watched it all from afar.  She watched her brothers battle some tough stuff and go down hard.  She rallied her troop of 1 tiny sister who was still healthy and made the best of it.

Which was good because she had to become Parent #3 as the other 2 parents were joining in man-to-man combat with the boys.

Then her birthday sneaks up at the tail end.  She has created herself a tradition of going out to eat Mexican on her birthday.  Knowing our boys were on very restricted diets for at least another week, we didn't know how to break it to her that she would have to suffer a saltine cracker/ginger ale meal with the rest of the fam.

Then the husb has a brilliant idea.  Since all the girls are well, why don't we make it a Girls Night Out to celebrate the big 0-6.


She loved the plan and we got all dolled up for the Girls Club to have a night out.
Of course this was after she opened what seemed to be 400,000 gifts.  She even let the Little Angels help her open a few.  They were so thankful for the opportunity.
I am proud to say that the quality of music this girl enjoys ranks high.  And I may or may not have begged my children to go see the movie with this little dude in it so I wouldn't be the creepy old lady sitting in the theater by myself sapping over a 15 year old boy.  And this cd may or may not get confiscated by aforementioned creepy old lady.
She asked for only one thing for her birthday (besides a laptop, digital camera, Ipod, cell phone and Wii), and that was a heart-shaped birthday cake.  She was very specific in wanting strawberry cake, white icing and red piping.  It was the ugliest thing you ever did see, but the little encourager told me over and over how "awesome" it was.  Made me feel like I could take on Duff.  Right now.  Call him.
I can't believe this girl has been in my life for 6 years.
She makes me so darn proud it hurts.

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Anonymous said...

Love that GG cupcake. How special to have that for each one's b'day. And couldn't be prouder of our 6 yr old. Time is moving too fast. I don't want her out of the lap stage yet. Happy B'day Little Miss Redhead.