Monday, March 28, 2011

Country come to town.

We got a much-needed getaway this weekend to the g'parents farm.  All the boys are healthy and we all needed some fresh country air to get us back on track.

We climbed up into the barn and got a great viewpoint of the land around the Carter House (named after my wonderfully famous and affluent husband of course......shhhhh.....we let him believe that at least).
The Dynamic Duo found their weekend spot in Papa's lap.
My smiley guys.
The favorite viewing spot to see all the people and more importantly, all the moo cows.
Looks like a magazine ad for John Deere.  There is much excitement when the kiddos look out the kitchen window and see this mammoth tractor pulling up the drive.
The great-grandchildren got a hayride after church, chauffeured by my boys, before the big hailstorm arrived that sent us packing.
 Big Sis walking the hay stacks.
We came back to our boring home with no tractors, Kubotas, 4-wheelers, hay stacks, cows, horses or front end loaders.

But we do have a cat.
And he plays football.  That should amount to something, right?

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