Saturday, August 6, 2011

He's a Mister, now.

Twice this week he's been called a girl.

Both times he had a hat on. One of the times his shirt read "All American Boy".
I, for one, thought his long locks brought out his manliness and accentuated his muscles.
And maybe there was a smidglin of scissor-withholding because HE'S MY BABY and when we cut his curls I'LL NEVER HAVE A BABY BOY WITH CURLY HAIR AGAIN and then that means he's growing up and NOW I'M GONNA HAVE TO ADOPT MORE BABY BOYS WITH CURLY HAIR since MY BABY BOY DONE GROWED UP in a matter of minutes.
After a final fluffing and a few tears (on my part, not his), oh my sweet preciousness, his curls are gone.
I could eat him with a spoon.

After I blow my nose and wipe my tears.


Anonymous said...

Love the new doo, BIG BOY! Dry your tears Mom. It happens to all of us.

J. Harwell said...

I see the Beauty Nook South is still open for business. Can't believe those curls. Sad to see them go, girl.

Love you, Jana