Monday, August 1, 2011

We won't be quiet.

Buster and Big Sis just finished a week of EcoCamp at our church and they came home each night more excited than the last. Buster LOVED the music, yet was a little gun shy about doing all the moves as his rep was on the line. So he stuck with the Elvis leg and his teacher got a big kick out of watching that leg shake the whole time. By the last night, the boy couldn't be tamed and he danced to his heart's content.

Now that we've got the cd from the week, we hear the same songs on repeat ALL DAY LONG. And in his pure concert form, he performs each song with sincerity.

If only my memory card hadn't gotten too full at just the moment he let loose.

Ladies and gentlemen, on lead vocals and electric guitar, it's BUSTER!!!!!
{and the crowd of 2 pint sized people and his mom go crazy...}

We won't be quiet from Suzanne Akins on Vimeo.


J. Harwell said...

Love it - especially when he tunes the guitar mid-song. Learned that from his mama, did he? Reached up to turn the tuning pegs. (Key change?)

Love you, girl.

Anonymous said...

The crowd was cheering in Marietta, also. Watch out American Idol. Here comes Buster Boy! Meme

Anonymous said...

And the crowd was going crazy at this house on St. Simons! He's on his way to great things!!
Brenda Sloan