Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mercy, Grace, and Boogers

Before bedtime, Little Bit and I had a sing-song of our top 10 favorite songs. Ending the night was "Waves of Mercy" - the current fave. When it ended, a very theological conversation ensued...
Me: So do you know who likes it when you sing "Waves of Mercy"?
LK: No, who?
Me: God does. Did you know that song is about God?
LK: It is?
Me: Yep, it's about His mercy [here's where the theology went to pot]. God gives us mercy and grace just like the song says. Do you know what mercy and grace are? [uh, she's 2...what was I thinking????]
LK: Yep. [hmmm]
Me: You do? What is mercy and grace?
LK: I don't like grace.
Me: You don't like grace? Do you even know what grace is? [ok, here's where it really goes south]
LK: I know what boogers are.
Me: Yes, I know.
LK: I want some for lunch.
Me: Oh, you mean 'burgers'?
LK: No, boogers. I want boogers for lunch.
Me: You can't. It's not lunchtime. And besides, they're poisonous.
LK: Oh.

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