Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

After being told it was bedtime so go brush your teeth, Little One responded: "But I don't want to brush my teeth. Shrek toothpaste is too spicy!"

Upon seeing Little Brother attempt to eat the cable outlet on the wall, protective Big Sister scolds, "No ma'am, Buster Boy. NO MA'AM!"

Wanting Little Brother to come and play in her room, Big Sister beckons, "Buster Boy, come here! Here kitty kitty!"

Feeling excitment over the new babbles of Baby Brother, Mommy asks ever so sweetly:

Mommy: "Can you say MaMa?"
Baby Brother: "DaDa"
Mommy: "Where's the love? Come on, say MaMa."
Baby Brother: "DaDa"
Daddy (from across the room): "Who's your favorite?"
Baby Brother: "DaDa"
I don't like this game anymore.

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Jana & Jason Harwell said...

So cute...can't wait to hear what Molly says? Sorry we missed y'all this weekend...we were in B'wick for less than 24 hours. Next time we visit, we'll plan to stay longer.