Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Move over HGTV

So I’ve got a new hobby. Everything about my new hobby is completely and utterly against my personality. If I were to pick hobbies in line with my personality (of which I’ve already picked…the hobbies, that is…not my personality…that was innate), I would go the sporty athletic route and play softball (oh yeah, I do….with men…hmmmm) and I would play some musical instruments to be cool (oh yeah, I do…the guitar and djembe…whoops, must’ve missed the flute and clarinet day in 6th grade band), and then I’d throw in a little graphic design (not the really cool techie stuff…just an occasional brochure or t-shirt) to round out my crafty side. But I’m expanding now (well, yeah, I have gained a few pounds but people come on, I’ve had 2 kids!). I’m venturing into the hobby of decorating. Or maybe the hobby of people giving me ideas on how to decorate and then I get real excited and do what they say and then freak out because I don’t know what else to do and then must have them over to give me their second idea.

The reason decorating is completely and utterly against my personality is because it requires creativity (which I have, just pent up in some different arenas of my being)…but decorating creativity is different. #1…it’s girly. Of this, I am not. #2…there’s a tweed bit of perfectionism involved. Of this, I am not AT ALL. I am a dreamer. I am not a thinker. Thankfully I married one to balance me out. I love big picture. But don’t ask me to get you to that big picture because that would require details. And details get on my nerves.

That’s why I’m a spray painter. That’s why the thought of making a “picture arrangement” on my wall scares me to death. That’s why I haven’t taken up sewing…yet…lots of little tiny needlework when I would rather use glue or tape. I must quell this fear.

And that, good people, is why I’m venturing into this new world. With a little coaching, I may just place an “accent piece” in it’s proper place (notice: my vocabulary is already being strengthened by this new hobby…see below for further details).

Decorating Lesson #1: In the world of decorating, you must use the words “piece” and “space” a lot while waving your hands around in a flapping motion to interpret what your mouth can’t articulate.

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