Thursday, May 22, 2008


Confessing is good for the soul. So here it is. I'm not going to lie anymore.

I never stopped liking New Kids on The Block.

I feel better now after holding that in for 20 years.

There definitely came a point in NKOTB's history where it was not, how you say, fashionable to admit your continued liking. So I didn't. I went to their concert in 7th grade (with my "Homeboy" t-shirt and cut-up jeans just for Donnie Whalberg) and vowed after that obnoxious showing of my love that I would tone it down and begin to find other, more reputable bands to follow. Thus began the 20 year facade of "Oh of course, I'm so over NKOTB" when really, that bond to my first boy band was still there.

And now, they're coming back. I saw them on the Today Show and got just about as giddy as I did 20 years ago as I watched the beautiful medly including "Please Don't Go Girl", "Right Stuff", "Hangin Tough" et al. I stood in front of the tv and mimicked all those old dance moves I had previously memorized from my Hangin Tough video. Though I was thoroughly enjoying myself, my kiddos looked on almost as if they were embarrassed. Can I really embarrass a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old? I didn't even know it was possible.

I think, as a parent, though I want to install important values, morals, blah blah blah in my children, there's also a smidge of myself that would love for them to love my music. Hey I did it for my parents. I took the Elvis adoration to another level and I've been to more Chicago concerts than I can count with 2 hands.

It's obviously not working with my kids and NKOTB because there was 0 interest (no worries, I shall try again, especially if this becomes the "Comeback of the Century")! However, there was a breakthrough today. Little Man, in playing with the stereo he's not allowed to play with (that's been broken for about 3 years) pressed just the right button and one of my "mixed" tapes from high school blared through the house. It was a BEAUTIFUL sound. (You all know how those "mixed" tapes made you feel!). Michael Jackson's "Beat It" followed by the Jackson 5's "Got You Back" were the first 2 songs. I belted out "DANCE PARTY!!!" at the top of my lungs and the babes couldn't suppress it. They joined right in and we busted loose. I even got Sister to attempt some break dancing. If they can respect Michael's music, they'll surely come around to the "Right Stuff" soon...


Kara said...

If Boyz to Men or Shai ever gets back together, I'll be at the concert! Did you have a NKOTB pillow and collect Tiger Beat??

Melissa said...

I saw them on The Today show too!! I got all teary eyed watching them~ I want to go to a concert!!!!!!! I love that you dance with your kids~ Ella and I dance to Elmo most mornings..:-)