Monday, May 5, 2008

The Conclusion

If there is a soul who is not taking advantage of the "birthday week" celebration option, I must stop right here and encourage one said person to quickly and reverently begin this must-have tradition (for yourself first and then slowly add additional family members if they just won't be quiet about it...slowly one every five years...don't want to get too stressed out about it).

Carter gave me an "agenda" for the week with something special each day. We began the week with a night out to dinner - all 4 of us - to one of our favorite little shrimp boat seafoody places in Darien called Skippers.

You can hang out on the porch and see alligators in their natural habitat right on the river. Great theory until you actually see one within chomping distance. Then you just channel your inner bulldog and destroy the little whipper usual.

The next day we spent at the beach on a most perfect of perfect days. So perfect that I made sure to lather up the babes with spf 1000 and somewhere in the mix forgot to lather myself. A little cancerous sun poisoning is the perfect addition to birthday week...I thought.

Our next night was to be dessert night out; however, due to the previous day's excitement in the sunshine, we opted to stay in and not allow the blood to hit our ankles and offer up an explosion when we stood up. Bad news. Bad bad news.

Now comes the true birthday day. Made perfect at my fave pizzaria, Broomeli Boys. Loaded up on 75 ounces of Coca Cola, pesto stix and pepperoni/spinach pizza. Then, as anyone would do after a meal that size, I headed to the softball field where I was cheered on by my little family as we got SPANKED by the other usual.

Following night I got a homemade meal and birthday cake by my near-perfect husband. I got to pick the meal out of a cookbook and was reminded throughout the evening and well into cleanup the degree of difficulty and the vast amount of ingredients called for in my little "birthday pick". he he he. I just thought since I cook about 18-20 meals a week, he should experience the same amount of joy I get...just all in one!

Next night again cancelled...this time due to strep throat. Hey, why not, we're just about over the sun poisoning, so let's add a little strep TO THE ENTIRE FAMILY for a few days. Perfect.

Rounding out the week was a night at Relay for Life. This has become a little tradition for us and is so much fun to see the community come out in one big heap for such a good cause. Sore throats and all, we walked, gallopped, skipped, and danced lap after lap. Then we slept for days.

All good things must come to an end (though I've tried to offer the "birthday month" option - to no one's liking).


Anonymous said...

again it just does the soul good to hear about the "birthday week"...with the strong exceptions of strep throat and skin cancer it sounded pretty fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I'm still miffed that you forgot all about our Thursday night dinner. The caprese pizza was too good to forget! (as was the company, in my humble opinion)