Monday, December 8, 2008


I guess it's the holiday seasonry or cool weather (note: I did not say's South Ga...we were looking at about 68 today...PERFECT!) or large doses of motherly hormones, but I find myself everyday saying (with passion): I LOVE THIS! or I LOVE THAT! So it's not even Valentine's Day and I'm feeling some love. Thought I'd share my randomness - in no particular order.


1. snow village on top of my piano. My all-time favorite Christmas decor and once it's up, the whole world is a better place. Thank you, Charles Dickens.

2. ...going to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. Much like going to the pumpkin farm to fetch our pumpkins. It makes me feel one with nature. A little organic if you will. And we all know organic Christmas trees are far healthier when you munch on them than their store-bought counterparts.

3. church family. We could not have landed in a better community to live life together. I was reminded of it again last night.

4. snuggly my son is. I don't know if it's his age, or the cooler weather mixed with ultra-comfy clothes, but he is a snugglin machine. Much like a cat. He can't nuzzle in close enough and I can't wrap my arms around him fast enough!

5. ...that everyday my girl wakes up and asks "Is it Christmas yet?" She has already caught the excitement and everything she's learning at kids church is sinking in and she's teaching her brother all about Jesus. And she begs for me to take her out each day so she can buy gifts for her cousins and her brother.

6. ...that though my hubs is working full-time and frantically trying to finish grad school, he still finds time to surprise me with my favorite Publix eggnog (and no worries, commercially made eggnog is just fine for the preggers so lay off!).

7. ...that I felt my babies move this week. Yes, that's right. Babies. There's 2 in there so it's a little weird when I know they're so tiny yet I'm feeling movement on clear opposite sides of my stomach. I hope they don't punch each other.

8. ...the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. What shall it be tonight? My anticipation is already building.

9. ...bunk beds. The kiddos are now sharing a room and Carter and I laugh every night while we listen to them talk for an extra hour or two just being best buds. We'll hear, "Shhhhhhhhh, Buster!" or "YaYa, eat!" and then we hear the voices fade and we just stand at their door watching them. Then, in that special moment all parents have, we say, "How precious are our babies." Which is quickly followed by, "HOLY COW WE'RE HAVING 2 MORE!"

10. ...and of course our family and friends. We have the best of both and can't wait to spend Christmas with them all!


Amber said...

I love snuggly boys, too. Nothing sweeter than that. And thank you for also loving ABC family movies--I get teased for that sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could come and spend Christmas with y'all. We miss ya up here in Yankee country! Maybe before the 2 in the belly go to college, we'll get to meet them... Love ya!!