Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Bloggity Blues

The germs are finally leaving the house in droves and we're mostly down to the leftover sniffles. I can handle leftover sniffles. I've been doing 4 breathing treatments a day for each kid so that has been my week. Breathing treatments then breakfast. Breathing treatments then lunch. Breathing treatments then supper. Breathing treatments then bedtime. Whew! We've tapered down to 1 a day and that is doable!

In calculating how many hours were spent sterilizing, giving and then re-cleaning the breathing treatments, I thought 'good grief, it's my WHOLE day!'. Then I thought how long it's going to take to feed 2 newborns (not to mention the other 2 that may get hungry a time or two!!) 6-8 times a day. Ok, perspective!! Breathing treatments here I come!

I reached 4 months (16 weeks) yet I'm the size of a 6-month pregger. I imagine I'll be the size of my house by the time these babies are ready to bust out. I hope I'll be able to fit in the car to get to the hospital. Maybe I should check on a crane to get me out.

The newest medical advice I'm trying to follow from my nurse is to drink 64 oz of water A DAY! That is pure insanity to me. I'm the one who lives on Coke and coffee when not preggers. The Girl is trying to help me by drinking lots of water too. She thinks if she drinks water too, then it will help the babies in my tummy be healthier. I haven't told her otherwise yet! That may be my way to get her to eat more veggies too!

This weekend will be straight Christmas-y. We've been homebound and bored for far too long. At least now we'll have some decor to brighten us up. I am soooo ready for the coziness of Christmas!!

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Kara said...

Oh, friend, I am so there with you with needing to feel the coziness of Christmas at home. I am dubbing this weekend (after the marriage retreat) "Christmas Workshop Weekend." We need to get all the decor out of the attic to Christmas-ify the house!