Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Great Name Debate

If in looking at this title, you thought I might give some hints as to what we'll be naming children #3 and #4, then just close out that browser, because reading on will officially frustrate you. Consider yourself warned.

We are, however, currently involved in the Great Name Debate. There is a lot of pressure in naming your child. It's something they will be called every day for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, I obtained a pretty normal name (despite being called 'Susan' one too many times) and so did my husband. So we're likely not to name our kids Apple or Mowglie or Inspektor or whatever crazy names are out there.

But we don't want to be too common either. Can't go with an Emma or a Jacob or Hannah or Caleb (though I do like all of those names) because I don't want them to forever be known as Emma A. or Jacob A. to differentiate among the 4 others in their class.

So it's got to be somewhere down the middle. One of the names, either first or middle, will need to hold some familial meaning. That's very important to us. And of course, these 2 kiddos' names will be paired together for many years so they'll need to sound good together (i.e. Grizzelda & Rasputin may not roll off the tongue as well as, say, Ike & Tina for instance).

The Debate will continue. We broke down and bought (yet another) baby name book last night and by 12:30am I had found the perfect combo. Of course, that changed when I woke up after dreaming about another perfect combo. Which will likely change again if I let any of these names slip and receive any sort of negative vibe from that lucky audience member who hears the slip-up. I may pounce like a mama bear if I get a negative response. Or I may just change the name again for the 45,000th time.

At least we get to pick 4 of the coolest names we could possibly come up with. Not many people get that opportunity so we are counting that as one of the many blessings of having twins.


Of the many.

There are many, right?

Somebody, please tell me there are MANY!


Kara said...

Oh, my friend, there are many! One of the many blessings of you having twins is that PW and I won't have to fight over who gets to hold the bundles of (quiet and sleeping) joy when you and C go out on a date (8 months after you give birth). :) There will be one for each of us! Plus, Big Sister and Buster Boy to play with us, of course!

J and J Harwell said...

This may be my favorite line from any blog EVER...

"(i.e. Grizzelda & Rasputin may not roll off the tongue as well as, say, Ike & Tina for instance)."

That in itself made my morning...Love y'all...