Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookies-N-Cream Handspun from Chick

I do love a milkshake. Funny thing is, I've only had 2 during this pregnancy. Ok, maybe 4. But that's about 17,020 less than I had when I was preggers with The Girl. Tonight's was super delish. Carter and I allowed the kiddos to share in our tradition today of enjoying a little "cream" from Chick-Fil-A to celebrate the latest gender news on the homefront.


And she will go along great with her counterpart, "IT'S A BOY!"

They're best friends already. Twin Girl had her foot against Twin Boy's head. Go girl. Own your territory.

Yet officially measuring out at 25 weeks. I originally said I would be the size of a house when this was said and done. I've changed my mind. I believe I'll be more the size of a hotel.

The Twinkies are very healthy and growing great. They're the exact same size (7 oz) which is very good. All of my sickies are gone and I've just got the regular bone/joint ailments of pregnancy so right now I'm coasting. And praying to keep these babies in until 37 weeks. Especially since one is a boy and boys can tend to be a smidge on the weak side when they're early (ie. older brother Buster Boy).

When we find our camera charger, I'll post pics. Not of my hotel-sized self of course. Of the kiddos.

All 4 of them.


Karen said...

Congratulations! 1 more of each!!! Can't wait to meet them.

color me happy said...

yay! A matched set! Congrats! Can I use more exclamation points??!!


J and J Harwell said...

Oh, thank goodness...a boy and a girl. You'll definitely be able to tell them apart. HA HA HA

Wow! 2 of each...just like Noah's Ark.

Love y'all...Jana