Sunday, May 17, 2009

The 4-Week Journey

So it's been a month and the sleep deprivation has finally reached a new level. For some reason I have forgotten that I was sleep deprived with the first 2 kids (though Carter says he remembers it well), but this go-round is a whole different ball game.

There is no "It's your turn" comments to make because every time it's "our" turn. It's a team effort. And the team starts breaking apart at 3am when there's incessant crying (in stereo) and all we want is to grab a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Doesn't happen.

But the team rallies. And all is forgiven once the sun comes up. And then the babies sleep. Like champs. For 3, sometimes 4 hours straight. Thanks guys. Could we switch that to the nocturnal hours to save some parental sanity?

I have hope that this too shall pass and the babies will some day sleep like little angels all night long.

With as quickly as these last 4 weeks have flown by, I know the next 4, and the next 4 after that will fly too.

And someday, I'll forget what it's like to have bobble-headed, soft as silk, 6 pound newborns that smell like sweetness and spit-up.

Then I'll get baby fever again and..........


Pardon me. Had to take that thought captive.


Meg said...

Hang in there! I know, easy for me to say...I need to come by and do little footprints for you. Let me know when...I'm a little busy at 3 am. :)

kristymasterson said...

loved your comment on my blog. i sure hope there is not another baby in there. :)
we think of you guys often. God knew what amazing parents needed to have more kids, for sure!