Saturday, May 9, 2009

Times, they are a-changin'

So we had us some babies.

2 as a matter of fact.

Cutest darn little muffin cups you ever did see.

There have been approximately 0 minutes and 4 seconds to update this blog since the little muffin cups shouted their arrival.

And the story goes...

I spent week 34 1/2 to 35 1/2 on complete bed rest. No moving except to go to the bathroom or from the bed to the couch. Talk about feeling useless (as if I hadn't for the past few months anyway). I had some incredible friends pull through for me and got me through the week by taking morning and afternoon shifts. They entertained toddlers (who were in massive need of entertainment!), fixed snacks and meals, cleaned up, kept me sane, and did whatever else was needed. It was extremely humbling to have to sit and just accept the help, but I had no other choice. Contractions were coming often and the medicine I was taking to slow them down made my heart go into attack mode and left me with the shakes. An excellent combination.

Woke up Sunday morning, April 19th to Buster Boy busting up in our bed. After rolling awkwardly out of the bed, I headed to the bathroom. HELLO! Water broke. I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't pump my fists a little at the readiness of these babies to come on out. I worried a lot about how early they would be (4 1/2 weeks) but I knew there were not many days any of us had left in our current state. Called Doc and got the game moving. Babies were born, healthy as larks, 3 hours later. They required a night of oxygen in Level 2 nursery and a round of IV antibiotics, but by day 3, they were living in our room, wire free. We went home on day 4.

Since then, life has been a cake walk with 4 kids 4 and under.

The End.

p.s. In the 3 weeks since the babies have been born, we have also enjoyed many other highlights. An emergency 911 call as rocks (craters) were being hauled at our living room window, shattering glass a foot from our newborn babies' heads. Talk about a Mama Hen ready to kill. Love those random acts of kindness.

The husband, of whom I am so proud, dumped grad school off his shoulders and is now the proud recipient of a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Georgia Southern University. Then he topped it off with a job promotion as Assistant Principal at his current school. A nice week.

And I received the gift of Bells Palsy. Whatever the heck that darn virus is. A week after the babies were born, I woke up with numbness on one side of my face which progressed over the next 3 days into a full-out paralyzation of the left side. My left eye, ear, cheek, and mouth have gone on hiatus for 6 weeks to 1 year (LOVE that prognosis). No meds can heal it. Just a wait it out and enjoy the benefits of slurping food, drooling liquids, speaking with an impediment and scaring my husband with the eye that never closes. Awesome.

Here's a glimpse at Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum...

So now we are:

The Akins Family, Party of 6.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. (except that you're the best darn mom in the whole USA!)

Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful, and I am glad that everyone is doing well!

Lois Moody

Michelle said...

Hi Suzanne! I wondered about the babies! Thank you for posting this mini update! They are SO precious! I bet you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm sorry to hear about your Bell's Palsey. I hope you're getting halfway adjusted to having FOUR kiddos! (I DO NOT envy you! LOL!)