Monday, May 25, 2009

Blinkity Blink Blink

Ah, sweet healing is finally occurring.


Now that statement might not seem like a big deal to the average citizen, but for someone who hasn't blinked (or is it "blunk"?) in 4 weeks, it's a HUGE DEAL! I have slept with an eye patch for a month and last night when I put the fake tear drops in my eyes, I realized my eye blinked (or is it "blunked"?)at the feeling of the eye drops. I ran into the kitchen and showed Carter and we both did the happy dance. I believe the words, "I'm getting my wife back!" came out of Carter's mouth!

I can semi-smile now too. The main symptom left of the Bells Palsy is the headaches. This is due, in part, to the light sensitivity I have in my eyes so sunny days wreak havoc on my head. But this too shall pass and I'm guessing sooner than later since the other symptoms have slowly started to fade.

Some day I will be normal again.

Well, maybe not completely normal. I've never been completely normal. ;)


jenny said...

what a blessing! thank you Jesus!

Meg said...

I'm very happy for you! Can't wait to see your smiling face...