Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Blogging is so 2010

Which means I am so 2010.

(This is where you just hush and let me be prideful for a mere second!)


So I met this guy, Russ, in college. He came over to my apartment for a Bible study where about 20 of us gathered each week to dig through the Bible together. We became better friends when I decided to extend my college career an extra semester and all my real friends graduated. Thankfully, young Russ was still around and befriended my lonely self. Now he's all growed up, married to his best friend's little sister (who, thankfully, is WAY cooler than he is), has a cutie patootie daughter (who, thankfully, looks just like her mama) and works in young adult/college ministry at Church of the Apostles in the ATL.

He's also got a coolio blog, "Lies I Overheard in Church". I'm on there today so go check out my 2010 self.


kristymasterson said...

favorite guest blogger....done.

Jana Harwell said...

Girl. I loved it.