Friday, March 12, 2010

They don't call me Grandma for nothin'.

Coupons + circulars + a buggy + a drugstore = G.R.A.N.D.M.A.

This formula was created by my own husband who is now referring to his wife (me) as Mamaw (of which I'm honored since that is my great-grandmother's name - though I don't think he's given me the name out of honor, but whatevs....)

He began calling me Mamaw when it got so dadgum cold in these here parts of South Georgia that I had to whip out my floor-length long-sleeved 1987 Charter Club red and black velour robe. I liked to pair this beauty of a robe with a couple of large crocheted rubber bottomed toastie socks. I thought it was a good representation of the beauty I possessed as a 32 year old housewife. However, he thought it screamed "the morning of Mamaw's 97th birthday". Again, whatevs, I say. Whatevs.

So last night I made a trip to the local CVS, sans kiddos, with necessities in hand: the weekly circular, my list, and coupons for EVERY SINGLE ITEM on said list. I grabbed a buggy at the storefront and began my journey. The music played softly. Gentle voices of the elderly were heard throughout the aisles. And as I strolled, I thought Why have I not been here before? This is the most relaxed I've felt in years. A cup of joe and this mama may not have made it back home. It was that good.

I made my transaction, saved $7 in coupons, spent $45, and got $8 CVS bucks in return.

And that, my friends, is the LAST time I will use US currency in that store.


Working the circulars, coupons and CVS bucks (also called Monopoly Money), I will never spend real dollars again. Fun games with pretend money. Love. Love. Love.

The first 4 letters of FREEDOM spell FREE and that is what this mama likes.

The new formula now looks like this:

Grandma + circulars + a buggy + coupons + drugstore = F.R.E.E.

Thankfully, warmer weather is here and I can lose the robe and toasties because it looks like Mamaw is sticking around.


Amy said...

I shop CVS ALLLLLL the time!! Love CVS Bucks! I've gotten toilet paper FREE before! I can work that game too sister!! (It's about the only coupon game I'm good at it!) So proud of you! CVS = no crowded aisles and very few screaming children and short lines!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the "Coupon Mom" on TV this morning and she bought $139.00 worth of groceries and only paid $.89. Crazy! Maybe you'll be on TV someday, too. Love the blog, BTW.


Kara said...

So, when's my tutorial scheduled?? I bought a $4 box of cereal today and only paid $1.30. I was proud. But I need LOTS of help and advice!

Karen Harris said...

I love CVS... I also like their diapers. Especially when they are coupled with bucks or on sale. Enjoy your CVS adventures!!!