Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Four was so last year

The Girl is embracing her new age like nobody's business. She's reaching things she's never reached before. Who knew growth spurts happened only during the night before your birthday? Amazing.

The festivities were a-plenty and in the fashion of her coolio mom, she stretched it out about a week (though I prefer a month).

The day began with strawberry shortcake for breakfast, per request, served on Tinkerbell plates. Then, with all wrapped presents in sight, I relented and let her pick one to open up to last her until Daddy got home to see her open the rest.

Then a picnic and playground time with our favorite Mrs.Debbie.

Followed by a Mexican outing for dinner, per request.

Then the baby squirrel showed up to sing Happy Birthday.

And claw at our back door.

And eat our graham crackers that we may or may not have fed the little ball of fur who may or may not have been given the name Baby Leah.

And then the fur ball showed right back up at our back door AFTER being released into the woods by D-Daddy.

(Glad to say, Baby Leah is back home with her mommy and daddy. Either that, or Mr.Biggles escorted her into heaven. Yepper, that's Baby Leah sitting in the tracks of the sliding glass door, right under the nose breath of Sir Bigglesworth.)

Soccer ensued on Saturday and afterwards a little birthday par-tay with the team and their parents.

And heck yeah, I made this cake. From scratcherooskie baby! I completed this darn headache at 1:00am. It was a hit and turned everyone's teeth bright green, so I'd say it was a success. Though I shall bid adieu to my short-lived baking career and will gladly call Publix next time.

Fun weekend for the Girl. And there was no shortage of attention from these 4 g-parents who came in for the celebration weekend.

And now we sit at less than 3 weeks away until the Dynamic Duo turns 1. The fastest year in the history of the world.

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Amy said...

Seriously. Will you be my mom?