Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I was going to title this blog "It's a Shellabration!" since it's about our wedding weekend in Cordele to see Carter's cousin Shellie get married. But somehow I ended up with NO PICTURES of the beautiful bride. Ugh. Trust me, she was gorgeous-o!

And there were a couple of other gorgeous people around. Little people. And they may have just happened to belong to me!
My little snaggletooth...

Buster was OFF THE CHARTS adorable with his little bow tie.

There was much dancing and my otherwise shy kiddos owned that dance floor!
Here's Big Sis cutting a rug with Summer (our weekend nanny...haha)...

JoJo found a handsome dance partner, while...

Papa found TWO little dance partners! (They're sleeping with their eyes open in this pic since it's about the 10 o'clock hour and they were OVER IT!)

Big Sis keeps asking when we're going back to Cordele because there was an indoor pool at the place we stayed. I told her there were other pools, say 3 1/2 hours closer than Cordele, but she says that's the best one so it looks like we'll need to take another trip to the Big Town!

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Anonymous said...

Hello?!?! What about the awesome Maid of Honor (AKA Aunt Laura)?!?!