Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death of a Pet

Katie was a good pet.

She was quiet. She stayed to herself most of the time. She didn't bark unnecessarily or paw at the back door whining. She loved her blue bucket and her play stick.

Most especially, she loved her owners and her owners loved her.

You see, Katie was recently adopted. Through some friends of ours who are adopting children, my children have learned the definition and have become very interested in the topic. So as not to be swayed by their "Can we adopt more babies????" I quickly turned the adoption topic over to pets.

Much safer for this mama who's biological clock still ticks at a newborn's cry.

So we adopted Katie.

Big Sis especially took great care and was always concerned with, "Is Katie getting enough food?", "Do you think Katie needs a blanket at night?", "Can we bring Katie inside when it rains?". Buster, on the other hand, just liked to play with her.

Such a typical mother and father. The mother is caring, compassionate and concerned for the well-being of her child while the father just shows up at bedtime to rile 'em up! Thus, Katie's parents.

Fast forward to our arrival home after church. Katie had been the topic of conversation in the car all the way home: "Is she ok?", "She didn't look so good this morning.", "Maybe some lunch will make her feel better."

Big Sis and Buster throw open the doors and head straight for Katie. I watch from inside as they pamper her, ooh and aah over her and just enjoy their role as adoptive parents.



I run outside to see what's the matter.


I look at Big Sis sitting at the top of the playground fort, arms flailing, tears streaming, yelling at her brother.

I look at Buster, solemn, head down.

He looks up, he cocks his head to the side, grins a little. "Mommy, I didn't kill Katie. I just broke her."

"NO, HE DIDN'T!!!!!!!! HE KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!" from atop the fort.

I assess the situation. I check the blue sand bucket. I peer in. I see her favorite play stick. I see her lunch of leaves. Yes, it is true. Katie is now in 2 pieces.

Katie were a sweet caterpillar. We will never forget your sweet disposition, your heritage, your full heart, your song:

"Katie the Katerpillar makes you feel so fine. Any friend of Katie's is a friend of mine. And if you see my Katie then you know she's really swell, cuz Katie's really cozy in her favorite bucket motel."

(Lyrics also exchanged to "Freddy the Frog" who's adoption has not yet been finalized as his location keeps changing and he's no longer in our shed)

R.I.P. Katie the Katerpillar. Adopted May 22, 2010. Broken in two May 23, 2010.


Rebecca Ricker said...

Poor Katie the Katepillar! Just like a boy to break something! I look forward to hearing about the next adopted pet!

Kara said...

Poor Katie. We mourn your loss with you. Is baby Leah the squirrel still around to console them?