Saturday, May 15, 2010

So long, Soccer. See you soon.

Big Sis rounded out her first year of soccer today (two seasons worth) with a huge victory giving the Killer Whales an UNDEFEATED season. All the girls cheered at the after-party when coach announced that we were undefeated. He then asked if any of them knew what that meant and they all just looked around until one of the girls stood up and shouted, "It means no one can defeat us!!!!" (And still, the word "defeat" bypassed all of them!)

Carter and I were reminiscing about how Big Sis looked and acted at the beginning of the fall playing for the first time ever, versus now that she's got a year under her belt.

Night and day.

She's still the tiniest one on the team with the shortest legs and takes about 4 steps for everyone else's 2, but she's a different kid on the inside. And though she doesn't score 47 goals per game like some of the other girls, she has gained a confidence that she's never had before. The kind only a sport can give you. And good coaching.

What a joy to watch.

Our little caterpillar is busting out some wings.

So we'll take a summer break and be back in the fall. Currently Sis is in denial in regards to having different teammates and a different coach. I think she thought she signed a lifetime contract with the Killer Whales because the whole, "You'll be on a different team next season because your friends are moving up an age group" is not jiving right now. We'll see if she accepts her new draft.

And a new contract.

One that pays millions.

Which will hopefully cover family expenses during this GREAT DEPRESSION, or what we like to call, "the furloughs we don't speak of".

Goodbye Killer Whales. The ocean is calling you home.


Heather said...

Our girls have come such a long way since that first practice last fall! The change in your kiddo has been so fun to witness- watching her gain confidence on the field each week, and especially seeing her awesome personality bloom off the field. She and S shared a lot of high-fives and happy dances during practice, (and who could forget those high-decibel squeals?!). Here's hoping they wind up on the same team next fall!

Anonymous said...

It's been a memorable 2 seasons and we enjoyed being able to see at least a few of her games, Can't wait to see her next season. She's a go-getter. Yay! Team LK