Monday, May 10, 2010

Tiny Miss

So I've got this tiny girl.

Every morning when I go in her room I laugh hysterically. She has crazy hair, one tooth, and is typically bouncing all over her crib in excitement. She makes my day.

THANK GOODNESS she decided to slide herself into the womb with her brother. Somebody's gonna need to straighten that boy out and so far, she's got a pretty good hold on him. If he steals her bunny, she gives him a shrilling scream until he gives it back. If I hold him first, she makes sure to push him out of the way when I hoist her up on the other hip. Then she'll turn all sweetness on him and rub his back when he flops himself on the ground pitching a fit.

Since she's a twin, I know most of her pics in childhood will include her brother and other siblings. That's why I'm giving her a little solo time. As soon as her brother stops crying and I can take a picture of his cuteness, he'll get his solo time. Hopefully that will happen before he's 15.

My soft spot. I could watch any one of my babies sleep all night.

Tell me LOUDLY how much you love the beach girlfriend!!

The girl knows how to relax. A gift I passed on to her.

Mischevious one hunting a snack. Next thing I know she'll have cracked open a cool beverage and popped herself some popcorn.

Simply flattering. I'll be sure to save this one for her wedding slideshow.


Kara said...

Love that little one!! And what on earth was she eating in that last picture? Mud? Blueberries? Both? That little snaggletooth cracks me up.

Kelly Roberson said...

I could eat her up! Love, love, love her snaggletooth.

Anonymous said...

My heart melted... Love the tooth.