Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enter the Twindom

My house is hilarious.  And there's 2 little people that make me crack up from the moment I walk in their room each morning.

Maybe it's because I see this.  "Well, hello there twin. I sure did miss you while I was sleeping 8 inches away."
And a typically ornary little man always starts off the day with a huge smile and much laughter.

Uh oh, the 4.2 minutes of smiling and laughter are done and furrowed brow has emerged. Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?

Tiny Miss always likes to tell me who poo'd each morning.  It's a contest she plans on winning.

"Hehehehe, I pew-pewed Mommy!"

Anything they can fit in together, they do.  Maybe it's a reminder of the shared womb.  This was a quaint little reading spot filled with 4 squished little legs and a whole bunch of books.
 "Mommy, you're cramping our style."

Who is this man-child taking up this crib?  Last I checked he was a 5 pound preemie.


JMeg said...

OK, I know your kids are cute and all...really, they are. :) But I LOVE your curtains!!! Just wanted to tell you...I mean, the kids are WAY cuter...but you already knew that so I just wanted you to notice the other, too.

Rhonda Hughes'Harvey said...

I just have to see and squeeze all of you SOON!!! I love your blog Suzanne!! You are such a BLESSING to our family! I love you!!xxxooo