Monday, February 7, 2011

Go Pack Go!

Yay! My favorite team won the Super Bowl!!!!

Not that I give one iota of energy to the NFL. I actually didn't know who was playing the Steelers (only know that because my neighbors have balloons and paraphernalia all over the outside of their house). Google informed me who was playing and what colors were appropriate for each team. And that was the only necessary information I needed.

So based on our limited closet options, the Akins 6 had to become a House Divided. 3 Steelers and 3 Packers. Big Winners on the right.

This cheering section was definitely the loudest. And apparently Mr.Bright Red in the middle did not get the memo to wear team colors. He instead opted to single out Hines Ward and show some individual love while the rest of us followed directions and dressed appropriately. Team players, people. Team players.

Packers, be honored that your fair weathered fan here brought home a VICTORY just for you. Even though I watched nary a play the entire night.

Good game, cheese heads.

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Mike and Brooke said...

LOVE the past picture! I think if we could read Nora's mind she would be saying "Get me the heck out of here!"