Tuesday, April 5, 2011

8 years and counting.

The 7 year itch is finally over.  And man did I ever itch.  Skritching and a scratching for 365 long days.  Benadryl just didn't do the trick.

But today.  Today is a new day.  Today, I have been married for 8 years and I can finally get some relief from all that itching last year.  Whew.

So my dear Husb...my gift to you this year is quite special.  It's a little something I whittled in my spare time and I think it would look great on your desk at work. That way, when all those ladies you work with walk by your office, they'll know you are a taken man.  By whom, who ask?

By your acrobat lover, of course.
(please tell me you just laughed your head off at that last line because I have tears streaming down my face typing that word combo!)

So here's to you, sweet Husb of mine!

For 8 years, you have...

     given more than you have received

          loved more than I knew you were capable of loving

               become a better and more amazing father with each day

                    grown more and more in strength, character and confidence
                balanced a growing career, family and education with ease
          cheered me on in any and all new endeavors I want to pursue
     fought to keep our marriage the absolute number one priority
And I do believe I love you more today than I did 8 years ago. I am so ready for 8 more. Then college tuition. Another 8 more.  Paying for Celebrating marriages. Then another 8. Welcoming grandbabies. Then 8 + 8 + 8 more. Our nursing home days together. Can't wait for a lifetime of Bingo with my number one partner.

Happy Anniversary.