Sunday, April 17, 2011

Savannah on my mind.

We took a short little trip to Savannah this weekend to attend a banquet for the President of the United States School Nutrition, aka my mother in law.  See how big-time she is? Only really important people make it to the big screen. I offered my skills at singing and interpretive dance but apparently she already had the banquet details worked out.
We had to take a ferry to get to the conference center so thankfully Aunt Laura came with us to make sure none of the kiddos fell off.
We made it through dinner and a few introductions and then they stuck a fork in it and were d.o.n.e. with sitting still.  So we bowed out a bit early to catch the ferry back.
My sweet lil punkin muffins.
Sisters. Now this pic will mess a mama up. I hope they don't ever plan on leaving for college because I've already made arrangements to have them home for the next 30 years.
The curls. The long dress and john john. The mary janes and saddle oxfords. The cutest near-2 year old twins I ever did know. Ironically, the only near-2 year old twins I ever did know.

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