Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The Birthday Breakfast of Champions:
Orange Pancakes (made with OJ rather than milk - try it - you'll never turn back)
A beautiful morning spent at Neptune Park feeling like big kids and owning the playground.
Followed by a picnic lunch with Mrs.Debbie (she makes Tuesdays our favorite day of the week!).
When Daddy got home, it was time to par-tay and open presents (with some help from the big kids).
While the original plan was to personally decorate (with icing and piping and tips and what not) these 2 objects straight onto the cake, a last minute assessment of my talents revealed that I was thoroughly incapable of such. However, I was fully capable of cutting and pasting. Thus...Hello Kitty meets Helicopter - card stock style.
Wild Man blew out all 4 candles. Every time.  I lit them at least 10 times. Get 'em next year, Tiny Miss!
Welcome Terrible Two's!

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