Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two for Two.

My wild, wild man...
Do you know how gorgeous you are? My head turns everyday when I see your fluffy blonde curls and beautiful blue eyes passing by.  You have grown so much in the last year. Your health has improved by leaps and bounds (excluding your last hospital stay!) and your personality is so much less strained because of it. We get to see your funny side and your silly side now which makes us all want to smoosh your cheeks with kisses. Which then leads to more giggles so it's a win-win!

You are so cute when you hear sirens: "Pawice Car!" No matter if it's police, ambulance, or fire truck, you light up and look for the "Pawice Car!" You hear airplanes and helicopters from inside our house and run to the window looking for them. One day, I do think you'll be flying one of those, Maverick.

Keep giving your big bear hugs. One day your twin sister will appreciate it. I know I do. 

I love you something fierce little man. Happy 2nd birthday.

Hey Tiny Miss.
Do you know you are a mess?  You sat back for a year while we tried to get your brother to stop screaming and now, little bit, you are making up for lost time! You are loud and you are in charge but you're the cutest little thing around. You know when you're being goofy and you make scrunchy silly faces that keep us rolling. You are a social butterfly (when you want to be) and people are drawn to you - always have been.

This year you fell in love with kitties and your favorite is "Meow" (aka Hello Kitty) and you get so giddy when you see Meow in stores or on t-shirts or even on your birthday cake. Lately you've added "ia" to the ends of words so we've become "Mommia" and "Daddia" and you'll tell us your "tummia" hurts or you can't find your "bunnia". Maybe you'll grow up to be an Italian veterinarian? 

I love your extreme independence and your necessity to have snuggle time. Such a perfect balance. 

I love you doodle bug. Stay little forever please. Happy 2nd birthday.

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