Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Circle of Life, Part 2.

While I claim that Mr. Bigglesworth T. Cat would never damage in any way a young baby goose, the fact of the matter is that only 3 remain. They are toddlers now. They've grown bigger, turned grayer and can hop in their getaway car a little faster.

We notice the looks of the neighbors on our walks. The pointing fingers, the hushed voices: "That's the baby goose killer. Can you believe she lets her small children near him? Horrid mother."

So we're trying to stick a little closer to home, keeping Biggs off the streets. We've enrolled him in an after-school program to keep him busy.

Thankfully, our need of caring for little ones didn't end with the baby geese as a new discovery was made last week in one of our hanging ferns.
Just look at those precious incubated babies.  Day one we found just the nest. Day two we found one egg. Day three two eggs, and day four yielded three eggs.

We began prepping for the big arrival. We set up a NICU and began working through adoption papers were they to be left orphans.

And then came day five.
You're dang right you better be hiding under that car, you baby killer!
And so it goes. The Circle of Life. And death. And this cat who's on his 9th life who better start acting more cat-like and eat his Publix brand catfood and quit bothering sweet innocent baby animals before I kick him in face, thus creating a dilemma as he has already wasted his previous 8 lives attacking the neighbor's new kitten and causing damage to multiple birds swimming in a bird bath right in front of the bay windows of another neighbor who likes to sit and bird watch.

Your clock is ticking, Mister.

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Rachael Lee said...

Hilarious and a little sad, but mostly hilarious.