Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of the Month Review: May

The update on my Areas of Balance - my 2011 theme. In no particular order.

Spiritual: Reading the Bible in a year
Guess I should officially tweak this area since I left the official plan last month and became a rogue reader. I'm going through Genesis now and enjoying a deeper dive into circumcision. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Physical: at least 3 days exercise
So I brought P90x back into the picture for not even 2 weeks.  I'm convinced Tony Horton is out to get me. To turn me into a big fat failure. So I said, "Listen Tony. We're not friends. You're too hyper and too strong and I like a Coke now and again. We're gonna have to agree to disagree and I'll pull out your Kenpo as needed. You can take the rest and shove.....". And so we parted ways. My new motto is: DO SOMETHING! So I've made sure to DO SOMETHING everyday. Either walking, jogging, P90x, softball or whatever active thing floats my boat. And I feel much less like a failure and much more like I'm DOING SOMETHING! Can I get an amen?

Work: Grace Graffiti schedule
A girls weekend with the GG girls plus our other besties in Savannah was just what the doctor ordered. I believe I loved my kiddos a little more when I returned because I actually had the chance to MISS THEM! Now that I've figured that out, we may need to work in a girls weekend more than once every 5 years!

Family: date day
'Tis the season for beach days. They are a-plenty and we are living my dream of raising kids in a beach community. It is all in my master plan of sending them off to a landlocked college so they spend all of their summers back at home making their city friends jealous, eventually to return for good to raise their own families. That's purposeful parenting right there.

Marriage: date
This one was accidental, but after a long day at the beach where neither Husb nor I could stomach another sandy PB&J, we came home, tucked the little tikes in their soft wooly beds, let the Husb run out for some Five Guys takeout and had us a little quiet dinner at home - which hasn't happened since '05 - followed by a Red Box flick. Oh, it's the little things.

Money: budget
Let's just say we did the happy dance when Mr.Paycheck finally arrived after what seemed the longest month EVER!

Home: order
Controlled chaos. And a few home improvementy projects in the hopper for summer which are always good for the soul. Now, if those would actually happen...

Welcome, June.

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