Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Mommy.

We've had a lot of birthdays around our house over the last month. 3 out of 4 kiddos, me, a niece, a nephew, and an aunt to name a few. So we have sung a lot of birthday songs over the phone and in person and on skype. Tiny Miss still doesn't quite have the words down, but she knows the tune and she just adds "Happy Mommy" into the song over and over.  We're a week past my birthday and I'm still getting sung to. This may just go on all year and that will be perfectly fine as long as it accompanies myriads of presents.

Cuz I'm selfless.

On my actual bday weekend, the 'rents came to town to see their grandkids shower me with presents. So we showed them a good time around town and took advantage of our ocean living to rub it in their face allow them the chance to smell that salty air.  Which is somewhat better than the smog smell they get in the ATL.

We spent the day at the park, had a picnic and then walked the 4 steps it takes from there to the ocean.
And since it was my birthday (we'll claim that was the excuse, at least!), we had to round out the picnic with a little sweetness from Moo Cow Ice Cream.  Oh. My. Word. They have ice cream with real bacon in it. Don't judge. It will make you kiss the floor and do a happy dance.
Then we jumped aboard a sunset cruise on Jekyll to go see us some dolphins.
They did not disappoint and they joined alongside us for the majority of the ride. This particular one is Flipper.  He swam here from Hollywood.
My padre was tempted to go swim with them, but we needed all hands on deck to keep the babies from jumping in.
Wild Man considered it.
Tiny Miss weighed her options. Swim with the dolphins or fly with the bald eagle?

Happy campers = Happy mommy.
Not a bad way to end the evening.

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Deborah said...

Happy Mommy. Happy Meme. What a great time.