Tuesday, January 22, 2008

15 Minutes of Fame is Coming...

Or maybe 2 minutes, but I feel it’s going to happen. I’m planning a trip to New York City for our 5th wedding anniversary in April, and in my planning decided to check out shows that are taped in the city. Stumbled upon Rachael Ray who gives out free tickets if you can request about, oh, 1- 2 years ahead of time. Since we’re wanting to go this April and not April 2010, I still thought I’d try so I submitted an application. Felt a little cool leaving my phone number and thinking I may just get a call from someone who says, “Suzanne? Hi, I’m _______ , a staffer for the Rachael Ray show and I have 2 tickets for you in April.” I can dream.

But dearies, the dream gets better…

I noticed right above the “audience tickets” link was a “get on the show” link. And being my shy self, I thought I’d take a look. Lo and behold a wonderland of choices. Every topic imagineable. I picked the most fitting: Ugliest Playroom in America. No lie. That’s the exact topic title. I wrote an essay about our ugliest playroom in America (much to Carter’s dismay as he is quite proud of his extreme garage makeover), even mentioned how my playroom smells like poo (from Mr. Biggles’ litter box), how Little Man munches on cat food, and how both kids like to play with tools…the kinds that can poke an eye out. Even threw in the fact that I tried to spruce it up with carpet that is now covered in fur balls. I made it funny hoping my personality would show through so when Staffer Sally read it she would laugh hysterically, immediately print it off, and rush it to Rach (that’s what she likes me to call her) and Rach would call me and say “Suz, got 2 round trips to LaGuardia and a limo waiting…hurry up!”

Here’s the actual response I got. You really only need to read the bolded words [added for effect] to truly understand what was meant:

You took the time to write in -- that's so cool! We love hearing what's on your mind, but we gotta admit, we can't personally reply to every e-mail. But we can promise that Rachael's staff will take a look at your message and may follow up with you ... and then you could find yourself chatting with Rachael one-on-one!
Thanks for sharing your ideas, and we may be talking with you soon.”

I’m feeling it. C’mon Rachael. Pull through for me. Make me a winner. Make me famous.

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