Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Extreme Garage Makeover

There is nothing I love more than to drive through hip suburbia neighborhoods and notice the beautiful homes with the lovely manicured landscapes...only to get frustrated when I drive through other neighborhoods (ok, mine) to only notice the vehicles sprayed everywhere blocking the homes and the landscapes. Many comments have passed my lips, as in "Why the heck do people buy homes with a 2 CAR GARAGE with NO CARS in their garage?" or "Don't they know the animals can live in the backyard and don't need an ENTIRE garage...what is it - the pet-in-law suite?" or "Did the attic throw up in their garage??"

We have been the model American family for the past 2+ years attempting to prove to our neighbors that 2 cars can actually fit in a 2 car garage (novel idea I know). We have noticed we have rubbed off on no one.

So now...we become our enemies...let my words bite me in the butt...we're moving into the garage and moving the grocery-getter out.

The makeover began this weekend and we're at the half-way point. Once complete, it will become a play room for the kiddos. If I step on one more truck or leggo in my family room I'm going to lose my sanity. Carpeting is down and the toys have been moved out. All we have left is the partitioning which is still up for debate. Likely going to put up some curtainry mixed with a touch of storage units and finalized with some baby gates. Don't need this area to be pretty...just functional...and safe. And we're trying to work quickly to get some good months of play under our belt before we're forced back indoors with the 107 degree summer heat.

I'll post pics of the grand opening when we finish.

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jenny said...

I'll admit that I'm pretty anal about people actually using their garages to park vehicles. But I can understand you needing more room for your munchkins!