Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Art of Sickness

Yes, the "art" of sickness is taking over my house. Sister's got a molar that must be the size of Mt.Everest coming through. Thankfully, the final tooth until the wisdoms make their break. I've always been amazed at the effect a tooth breaking in can have on the rest of the body. Cutting a tooth causes much salivation, much salivation causes much swallowing (tires out the ole tonsils), much swallowing causes sore throat, much swallowing also causes more water in the body to float down and create chaos in the, how you say, lower regions, making for many a bathroom run. And somewhere in there, the nasal passages are affected and a cold ensues. All of this adds up to a beat down body...all because of a molar. So in honor of the final tooth, I made Sister a "sick couch". I only bring out the sick couch for extreme measures (and it usually has a trash can nearby). It has a quilt on it and is arranged for extreme comfyness. She seems to be enjoying her sick couch a little too much:

"Mommy, my tooth hurts, can you get me some more fishies & milk?"

"Mommy, my tooth hurts, can you turn Strawberry Shortcake back on?"

"Mommy, my nose is running, can you wipe it [as she holds up the kleenex]?"

"Mommy, Meerkat Manor is on commercial, can you bring me a game or somethin'?"

Lawsy, this girl has figured out the art of sickness.

Gotta go. She needs her lemonade refilled and her daily massage.

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Kara said...

A sick LK sounds incredibly like a sick husband... perhaps we wives should take lessons??