Monday, January 24, 2011

The chokehold.

It has been a doozy of a couple of months. Someone, and typically more than just one, has been sick at all times since mid-November. And of course this is coming off a strong 6 months or so that no one had even had a cold. I should never have called that no-hitter...

Wild Man started us off with the first hospital stay. He's a barfy little tike anyway, but when you can't keep down a 1/2 tsp liquid at a time over the course of a couple of days, doctors seem to get a little nervous. We just thought he wanted to drop percentiles from the 5th to the negatives because he's crazy like that.

Then the rest of the kiddos went down as is typical when you run a daycare like we do. And we like to take others down with us.

Grandparents, you're welcome.

Then Tiny Miss increases our medical debt even more earns herself a hospital stay with a beautiful case of pneumonia. And it was even more fun visiting lots of doctors offices across Georgia as we traveled for Christmas. Funny how each one just told us she "probably has the flu" (despite the 3 failed flu tests) and would be good to go in 24-48 hours. About 384 hours later when we're finally back home to a REAL doctor, she gets sent across the street faster than I could say "What's the prognosis, Doc?"

Then the rest of the kiddos went down. And the grandparents too.

You're welcome.

So health is now on our side and we've built a large plastic bubble around the house because it becomes Wild Man's turn again.

My dude has puked more in his little lifetime than our whole entire family times 1000. He's growing and he's happy (occasionally), he's gorgeous and he's bull-headed. But the dude can't keep his lunch.

Or breakfast. Or dinner.

So, after nearly 2 years of guessing and trying a few meds here and there, we've now gotten a top-notch doc on his case in Savannah. Now, dude's going to have to get an endoscopy in order to biopsy his esophagus and small intestine.

Not fun.

But we're hoping to gain some answers through this test and get this boy on track to a much healthier life.

Because every little boy deserves to keep his lunch and not let that BULLY steal it from him anymore.

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Danielle said...

how pitiful! i wish you all the best-- and if you ever need a live in nurse-- i'd love to move in! :) ...but i bet ryan would prob not go for it.