Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do your best and forget the rest.

Who said P90x was just for lazy couch potatoes ripped machines like myself? I'm thinking the offspring here is gonna be pretty ripped and then I'll likely get the Parent of the Year award for subjecting them to such quality workouts.

Obviously I'm getting pretty intense workouts myself with all the camera holding and water fetching I'm doing. It's part of my selfless mom duties. I've got the guns to prove it.

My little Tarzan and Jane.


Whitney said...

too funny. you are such the comedian...and you do have some guns from carrying around all those kiddos!

J. Harwell said...

You know...in our house when Mo & Sam started exercising with us, we just called it "tee-niny X."

I've got a great pic of Mo straining under the "weight " of some exercise bands. Hahaha